Things To Do In China From Attraction to Nature

Many things to do in China that you can write down on your list. China is one of the great civilization in the past, even it also has great nature resource until todays. That’s why we can explore many things to do in China. Firstly, let’s having fun for one day in Shanghai Disneyland. Todays, the most wanted attraction in China is Shanghai Disneyland. Youngsters even adults will choose this place for a trip with modern and hi-tech touch. Shanghai Disneyland has many areas, attractions, also shows you can enjoy. Their best roller coaster is TRON Lightcycle Power Run. You really must ride it for the most tense and futuristic experience. Besides, other popular attractions are Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride: Battle For The Sunken Treasure, Roaring Rapids, and Explore Canoes. If some of you want to relax then just enter Fantasyland, Mickey Avenue, or Garden Of Imagination areas.

Secondly, trekking in the Great Wall of China is a must for your list of things to do in China. As may you know, Great Wall of China is a fortification wall lies along west to east borderline of China. As a pride of China, it becomes great tourist attraction for visitors around the world. With the length of 8.851km, it has many monitoring posts and gates along the wall. It also crosses various China landscape such as grassland, mountain, plateau, and desert. As the result, Great Wall of China has various different amazing sceneries. It’s very incredible to have walking experience in there.

Next, things to do in China are exploring Forbidden City & visiting Terracotta Army. The Forbidden City is a palace complex of Ming until Qing Dynasty. It is located in the center of Beijing. It’s has unique atmosphere of traditional Chinese influenced by East Asia architectural. Nowadays, it also functions as Palace Museum. You can see many artworks and artefacts of China Civilization. Meanwhile, the Terracotta Army is a collection of the first Emperor of China’s army replicas made of terracotta sculptures. Hundreds of real size model soldiers, horses, and chariots were built as the protector of emperor’s corpse and tomb. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? If you want to visit it, just go to Xi’an City.

Things to do in China around May-June are celebrating summer solstice and holding dragon boat festival. This period of cultural festival also becomes public holiday in Tiongkok. Dragon boat festival has its own history which becomes tradition and ceremonial event. The atmosphere of this celebration will be much rousing. Even, it’s so enthusiastic to watch dragon boat race. On 2018, it is predicted to be held on June 18. Just visit China on that time to experience different kind of celebration there. You may find the race in Victoria Harbor, Yueyang Prefecture of Hunan Province, Xixi National Wetland Park, and Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. Another way to celebrating summer solstice is by eating sticky rice dumpling. Make sure to try this snack while you are there because this kind of food closely related to the dragon boat itself.

Lastly, things to do in China are will be different types of activities. They are enjoying cultural show or exploring the nature. If you have enough time and difficult to choose between them, just do both of them. For cultural show, China has many of it. You may choose to watch opera show, martial art performance, face changing performance, or acrobatic. All of them are recommended shows. Meanwhile for the visitor who like nature very much, they can observe Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, Li River, Stone Forest, Huangguoshu Waterfall, and many other resources.