The Benefits of Using Bali Private Car Rental

Bali Car Rental
Bali Car Rental

Using the service from Bali private car rental is the best way to be mobile in the island of Gods. By hiring a private car, you will be able to travel around Bali in comfort and privacy. Why is that? This article will sum up some benefits of hiring a private car in Bali.

The tourism has been much developed in Bali, but not the public transportation

You know Bali is a unique island which culture, tradition, and view won’t be found elsewhere in Indonesia. One of its uniqueness is that Bali doesn’t have railway system that covers much of the area. In fact, there is no such public transport that covers the whole part of Bali. Of course, there are public buses and other mean of cheap public transportation. However, most of them only cover the busiest and most popular area in South Bali. FYI, the drivers and conductors usually wait until the car or bus is fully packed before they actually go. Not to mention that bad people may be still around taking unbelievably overpriced rates.

How about conventional and online taxis?

Surely, they exist, and you can use this service if you want to break your bank and spend lots of money on transportation. The rates are pricey enough even though you only go around the tourist attractions in South Bali. And the rates go up even more if you want to explore Bali more. While, of course, online taxis are cheaper, they can’t get through all places.

Bali car rental make your mobility easier

South Bali does indeed offer bunches of interesting places to visit. But, how if you want to go trekking in Mount Batur, or dolphin-watching in Lovina, North Bali, or snorkeling in Menjangan in West Bali? You will need transport to take you there. By hiring a private car, you and your group can travel at ease. Your friendly local driver will drive you whenever you want. Trusting your mobility to your driver is a good idea as they can navigate the confusing roads and traffics in Bali better than you.

So, how could you rent a car in Bali? Don’t worry; you can process it through online agent like Wandernesia. Just go to and search for Bali private car rental. There are four kinds of cars with different capacity that you can hire for 6 or 12 hours. To help you learn more about the places you visit, you can also hire an additional guide to go with you. So, head to Wandernesia and book your car now!